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About Us

Over 18 years of digital design & content experience.

All sizes & shapes of screens & displays.


Our company specializes in computer graphic systems and digital media signage. Since 1988, our goal has been to provide excellent products and services to companies and individuals having specific digital media and computer graphic system needs.

Our Design Studio works with each client on an individual basis. We have the unique ability to manage each client’s message, deliver minute-by-minute interactive content tailored to location, and mix content from all types of external sources! Our software allows users to tailor their message to the unique needs of any industry.


Options for design work include:
•    Complete design and upkeep of the script.
•    Design of templates.
•    Training which allows the customer to design their own script.
•    Alternatively, we will also design the initial script and then provide training, or review and revise scripts on an ‘as needed’ basis.


Our clients include: retail locations - corporations - education - hospitality - municipality - culinary - and religious organizations.

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