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ATM Cloud Topper

Frequently Asked Questions:

Find the answers to all your questions about ATM Digital Toppers.

What is an ATM Cloud Topper?

The ATM Cloud Topper is a digital screen package with pre-designed ads which are ready to be customized with your own information. Hundreds of templates / pages allow you to quickly customize your own promotions & ads any time of the day, and change them as often as you would like.


The digital screen above your ATM machine will enhance your customer’s overall experience and increase your sales. This easy-to-use system allows you to choose your background, and then personalize each page for your own store.  And, because your ATM will now have a lighted topper, this added feature will draw more attention and traffic.

How does it work?

There are three easy steps to display your ads on the ATM Cloud Topper:
      1) Log in to your own secure site.
      2) Choose the advertising pages you want to display.
      3) Enter your specific information on those pages

           (ie. pricing, brands, product size, special promotions).

That's it!  Your customized script will then run in your own store.


This easy-to-use system allows you to choose from a selection of pre-designed pages, and then personalize each page for your own store. It is a 'fill-in-the-blanks' system. All your ads and promotions will then display on the 18 ½ inch full-color digital screen in a rotating script. The items you advertise will grab your customer’s attention & direct them to specials and promotions inside your store. You can adjust the prices, enter text, and start & stop the pages whenever you want.


What are the other ways to increase revenue?

In addition to your own ads on your ATM Cloud Topper, there will be regional and national ads intermixed in the script.

*  The good news is that YOU will be given a percentage of the fees that are generated from each of these ads!!
*  Why are we doing this??  We want you to benefit from and support the ads on display from outside agencies as well as your own promotions.


What are the benefits of a ATM Cloud Topper?
The ATM Cloud Topper opens the door to cross-sell and up-sell using eye-catching ads and dynamic messages displayed directly above your ATM. The pre-designed pages allow you to quickly customize your own promotions & ads any time of the day, and change them as often as you would like.

The ATM Cloud Topper offers a unique solution to advertise directly to your customers and increase sales. The items you advertise will increase the likelihood that your customers will spend their cash in your store - when you direct them to your specials and promotions.


Can I purchase an ATM Cloud Topper for my current ATM machine?
YES - our RetroFit Kit is available and comes with everything you need to set up a screen on your existing ATM machine. In addition to the equipment needed to attach to your ATM, the entire ATM Cloud Topper package is included.

* Each kit includes the bracket, connecting cable, and secure screws to quickly attach the digital screen to your own ATM.
* You will have your own secure method to log in to sign in to your own account via the internet.
* The instructions are easy to understand and allows you to immediately begin designing your own ads. You can update and change your own promotions and ads as often as you want.


What does the ATM Cloud Topper cost?

Everything is included with a new ATM or the RetroFit Kit for $1299.

Thereafter, the monthly Cloud Service is just $ 65 for access to all the template pages and continuous service.

PLUS - there is no added fee for content design.


Each package includes:

18 ½ inch digital screen.
Secure bracket, connecting cable, instructions and secure screws
Pre-designed templates. Easy to understand instructions.

Hundreds of easy-to-use templates.

Your service provides you the ability to log on to our server with a secure sign in. You can then change your ads at any time. Ten ads of your choice will be continuously displayed on this in-store loop.


What if I like the idea of a ATM Cloud Topper but would like a larger screen located somewhere else in my location? Is that possible?
The simple answer is YES!  Our company has been providing digital packages for over 18 years!  We have experience with, and are available to provide both indoor and outside digital signs.

*  Indoor displays can be placed on end-caps, behind the register, above the coffee station, etc.
*  Outdoor signage is protected in weather resistant cases, and can be either single or dual sided.
*  Sizes can range from a ten-inch screen up to a full-video wall.
*  Interactive touch screens are also available to educate, inform & entertain your customers.

Give us a call to find out more information regarding this worthwhile investment to promote your company and increase your sales.  You can contact us for more information!  Toll free: 888-356-5160.   And, you can send us a message via email


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