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ATM RetroFit Kit

The RetroFit Kit is a simple way to upgrade your existing ATM machine with the ATM Cloud Topper.


The RetroFit Kit attaches to any ATM and includes everything you need to attach to your current machine.
•    Each kit includes the digital screen and bracket (the entire ATM Cloud Topper package) - plus the connecting cable and secure screws to quickly attach the digital screen to your own ATM.
•    You will have your own secure method to log in to sign in to your own account via the internet.
•    The instructions are easy to understand and allows you to immediately begin designing your own ads.
•    You then can update and change your own screens and ads as often as you want.

Everything is included and ready to be connected to your ATM machine. Plus, you control your own ads and choose what you want to display. It's easy and it's effective!


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