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The ATM Cloud Topper is a high-definition digital screen that displays your own ads and promotions directly above your ATM.  Hundreds of templates are available for you to customize with your own specific pricing and information. Each ad will influence your customers at the point of their cash withdrawal.

Increase Your Sales


Each ATM Cloud Topper package includes a digital screen that is attached to the top of your ATM. The package gives you the power to design and display your own ads.


The ads you choose to advertise on the screen will influence your customer’s purchasing decisions at the point of their cash withdrawal.


While customers are waiting for their money, your advertising messages hold their attention before, during, and after each transaction. The screen is also big enough to be seen by others near or around the ATM.


The ATM Cloud Topper is available with new ATM machines, or as a RetroFit Kit for your pre-existing machine.

Design Your Own Ads


The ATM Cloud Topper allows you to easily create advertising in just minutes with just a few simple clicks. Enter your information onto the pre-designed pages using our "fill-in-the-blank" system.


You can quickly customize your own promotions & ads any time of the day, and change them as often as you would like. You can adjust the prices, information, and switch the pictures if you want.


Your ads are then displayed above the cash machine screen. They will direct your customers to your specials and promotions. This will increase the likelihood that they will spend their cash in your store.

Share Ad Revenue!

In addition to displaying your own ads on the ATM Cloud Topper, there will be regional and national ads intermixed in the script.


The good news is that YOU will be given a percentage of the fees that are generated from each of these ads!!


Why are we doing this? We want you to benefit from both the ads on display from outside agencies as well as your own promotions.

ATM Cloud Topper

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