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  • Hundreds of pages are already designed & ready to be customized with your own information.

  • You can quickly customize your information onto each page.

  • Plus, you can choose different ads to display at any time.


Grab your customer’s attention when they are in your store ready to buy.

The ATM Cloud Topper provides beautiful and creative pre-designed pages to display on your screen. You can design new pages to display prices, enter text, change pictures, and start & stop the ads whenever you want.


There are three easy steps:
      1.  Log in to your own secure site.
          (You will have your own individual username and password.)
      2.  Choose the advertising pages you want to display.
      3.  Enter your specific information on those pages (ie. pricing, brands, pictures, special promotions).

That's it!  Your customized script will then run in your own store.

The ATM Cloud Topper opens the door to cross-sell and up-sell using eye-catching ads and dynamic messages displayed directly above your ATM.

The ATM Cloud Topper offer a unique solution to advertise directly to your customers and increase sales. The items you advertise will grab your customer’s attention & direct them to specials and promotions inside your store. Your ads will increase the likelihood that your customers will spend their cash in your store - when you direct them to your specials and promotions.
Your digital screen above your ATM machine will enhance your customer’s overall experience and increase your sales. This easy-to-use system allows you to choose from a selection of pre-designed pages, and then personalize each page for your own store.

ATM Cloud Topper includes:      
    18 ½ inch digital screen.
    Secure bracket.
    Pre-designed templates - Chose from hundreds of easy-to-use templates.
    Secure method to update and change your own ads.
    Easy to understand instructions to begin designing.
    Ten ads of your choice will be continuously displayed on this in-store loop.

ATM Cloud Topper

The digital sign solution that ATM owners and providers have been waiting for.


The ATM Cloud Topper is a digital screen with pre-designed ads which are ready to be customized with your own information. Hundreds of pre-designed pages allow you to quickly customize your own promotions & ads any time of the day, and change them as often as you would like.



The ATM Cloud Topper is an easy to use package that displays your ads on a digital screen directly above the ATM in the store. You chose which pre-designed ads to display.

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